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Albert Shum caricature

Albert Shum

This is the man behind the Microsoft´s Windows Phone design and before that he led the convergence of sports & technology efforts at Nike resulting with the digital Nike+ experience.

Albert Shum directs the Windows Phone Design team consisting of interaction, visual, motion, industrial and brand designers along with user researchers & design program managers. The team collaborates with engineering & business partners to create integrated mobile experiences for its consumers.

Prior to Microsoft, Albert led the convergence of sports & technology efforts at Nike resulting with the digital Nike+ experience. Albert has a Master's of Product Design from the Stanford University, a Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and the General Management Program from Harvard Business School. In his spare time, Albert is usually found riding his bike.

Albert Shum's talk:

Designing Ecosystem – Evolving Consumer Experiences
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The nature of consumer experiences are changing. A great product or service is no longer just defined by a singular iconic design. A great experience is one that allows others to participate in its development, to add to it, to change it and to extend its uses. To be successful at a large scale, designers need to consider the opportunities for an ecosystem to emerge around their experiences.

But how do you grow a community around a product, around a service, around the whole experience? How do you design to allows the community to build on it and make it their own? Drawing on recent experience building a new mobile ecosystem, this session will illustrate new approaches for experience design that encourage community participation and methods for attracting a community to your product and services.

Nikolai Onken caricature

Nikolai Onken

He has been developing web applications since 1997 and since then he has been continuously involved with open source projects such as the Dojo Toolkit.

Since 2008, mobile cross platform development has been the primary focus of his work and he likes to push the browser as platform forward through projects like HumanAPI - yes Robots are coming to JavaScript.

Being a co-founder of uxebu, a development shop based in Munich, Amsterdam and Palo Alto, he is now developing tools like apparat.io for developers to make mobile HTML5 development easier.

Nikolai Onken's Masterclass:

Cross-device JS Development Lightning Bonanza

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Be prepared for a three hour super fast, fully intense Masterclass on how to build cross-device apps using JS/HTML5 and CSS3.

We will touch the "frameworks" and pick backbone.js, look at stuff like less, use PhoneGap as our wrapper for targeting app-stores, will look at setting up mobile architectures and finally piece it all together using apparat.io.

It will be useful if you have JavaScript knowledge, but you can follow this Masterclass also without deep knowledge and take the material as your points of reference.

Get ready for some mobile action!

Nikolai Onken's talk:

Future Proof Mobile Development

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The mobile industry is moving from one extreme into another (WebOS anyone?) and if you are not betting on the safe horses called iOS and Android it is hard to know what other platform is a viable option today. In this talk Nikolai will give you an insight into the current state of developing mobile cross-platform apps with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

He will cover the mobile toolchain, existing platforms, show you how you can approach mobile testing, explore the different JavaScript libraries and show different concepts of designing architectures which work on several platforms.

After this talk you will have a clear overview of the current state of the mobile web and have concrete tools at your hand to get started or to take existing projects to the next level.

Sarah Parmenter caricature

Sarah Parmenter

She is a User Interface designer specialising in iPhone and iPad UI Design. Sarah works as both a consultant and a designer to various brands around the world.

Sarah owns and runs a small design studio called You Know Who, the small web studio is now in its eight year. She specializes in iOS User Interface design, one of the hot topics in the last couple of years. Sarah regularly contributes to various online and printed media; and speaks at related conferences all over the world, including Oslo now.

Sarah is known for her straight-talking nature and no-fuss approach to projects and it has landed her many great contracts over the years with various well known brands in the UK and elsewhere.

Sarah Parmenter's talk:

Crafting the User Experience

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As we journey through life we are moulded into various experiences and influenced by design around us. What makes us click "buy" on one website compared to another? What small design details can we add to truly enhance our design for positive benefits? How can design shape our everyday interactions without us realising? Sarah will serve up a large helping of practical UI advice for both mobile and the web, through her experiences as a User Interface Designer.

Simon Collison caricature

Simon Collison

We all know him, he is a designer, author and speaker with a decade of experience at the sharp end. Simon lives in Nottingham, where he is owned by a cat.

Simon Collison is a freelance web designer, author, speaker, and much more, with over a decade of experience at the sharp end. He is based in Nottingham UK, but finds himself working all over the place.

He has written books about design and web standards and he speak about the design process at conferences. He is currently writing an ambitious new book, and recently organised the first New Adventures event.

Back in 2006 he co-founded Erskine Design, .net magazine's Agency Of The Year runner-up 2009. Shortly after, Simon moved on in search of fresh challenges.

He has lived in places like London and Reykjavík, but has now settled back in his hometown of Nottingham. However we all have dreams and Simon Collison dreams of moving to his beloved New York one day.

Simon Collison's talk:

Embracing the Ebb and Flow

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Craftsmanship and communication are at the heart of everything we do on the web. With our ability to understand and overcome challenges, we should deliver engaging experiences without compromising our integrity or failing the end user. Still, we're often naive and we make the same mistakes over and over. We get hung up on our tools and confuse our goals. It's time to think and talk smarter, get our priorities straight, and learn from our mistakes.

Murphy Christopher & Nicklas Persson caricature

Christopher Murphy & Nicklas Persson

As tweed-clad duo The Standardistas, they write regularly on standards-based web design and the importance of improving web design education.

In addition to their role as The Standardistas, Christopher Murphy and Nicklas Persson teach interactive design at the University of Ulster at Belfast, where they have been active in promoting a web standards-based curriculum.

As tweed-clad duo The Standardistas, they write regularly on standards-based web design and the importance of improving web design education. Their first book, which extols the virtues of A Web Standardistas' Approach, has received widespread praise for its practical and hands-on modus operandi.

In addition to speaking regularly at conferences worldwide, they run workshops and masterclasses, teaching the principles of design, both on and off the screen.

Christopher Murphy & Nicklas Persson's talk:

Designing the Fluid Web

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The web is evolving. Fast. As designers working in this volatile medium we face a challenge to deliver solutions for a 'fluid web', one in which our content is consumed across a growing range of devices, all with different characteristics. At first glance this challenge can appear overwhelming, however, by marrying fundamental web standards with timeless design principles, we can create beautifully designed user experiences that not only stand the test of time, but deliver regardless of context.

Jessica Hische caricature

Jessica Hische

Jessica is a typographer and illustrator that has been featured in most major design and illustration publications including Communication Arts, Print Magazine and many more.

Jessica Hische is a typographer and illustrator working in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from Tyler School of Art with a degree in Graphic Design, she worked for Headcase Design in Philadelphia before taking a position as Senior Designer at Louise Fili Ltd. While working for Louise, she continued developing her freelance career, working for clients such as Tiffany & Co., Chronicle Books, and The New York Times. In September of 2009, after two and a half years of little sleep and a lot of hand-lettering, she left Louise Fili to pursue her freelance career further.

Jessica has been featured in most major design and illustration publications including Communication Arts, Print Magazine, How Magazine, The Graphis Design Annual, American Illustration and the Society of Illustrators. She was featured as one of Step Magazine's 25 Emerging Artists, Communication Arts "Fresh", Print Magazine's New Visual Artists 2009 (commonly referred to as Print's 20 under 30), and The Art Directors Club Young Guns.

Jessica Hische's talk:

Lettering is Not Fonts

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While many designers are familiar with fonts, many don't understand the difference between lettering and type. Through examples of her own work and the work of typeface designers, Jessica outlines the differences between lettering and type, when each is appropriate, and why all graphic designers owe type designers a bottle of champagne.

Thomas Lewis caricature

Thomas Lewis

Thomas Lewis is a Principal Technical Evangelist at Microsoft focused on HTML5 and the web designer/developer community.

When he is not thinking about the brutality of HTML5, Microsoft, and Design, he is plotting the eradication of Internet Explorer 6 from the planet.

Thomas Lewis's Masterclass:

Introduction to Drawing with HTML5's <canvas>

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With the introduction of the <canvas> element into the wonderful and magical world of HTML5, we now have a drawing API that can help us create experiences that we imagine and make them real on the web.

In this master class you will:

  • See examples of fun <canvas> apps ranging from casual games to data visualizations.
  • Learn the fundamentals of <canvas> and how to manipulate it with JavaScript.
  • Compare <canvas> with its cute sister <svg>.
  • Learn the fundamentals of game and animation mechanics.
  • Find best practices and real-world lessons in <canvas> performance and how to stay away from anti-patterns.

Thomas Lewis's talk:

Layout in the Time of CSS3

Less More

Today in web layout there is a pull between what is practical, what we want, and what works. We are barraged with a variety of layout technologies in CSS3 including Grid Alignment, Media Queries, Multi-column, Positioned Floats, "Flexbox" and more. We are excited by all the opportunities but what are our options and how does this all come together especially in a world of various devices and browser support? This session will discuss the various alternatives as well as how to think about how they can work together to build a flexible and simple layout.

Andy Budd caricature

Andy Budd

He is a founding partner and Managing Director of Clearleft. He also goes by the title of User Experience Director depending what mood he's in.

Andy Budd is one of the founding partners at User Experience Design Consultancy, Clearleft. As an interaction design and usability specialist, Andy is a regular speaker at international conferences like The Web 2.0 Expo, An Event Apart and SXSW. Andy curates dConstruct, one of the most popular design conferences in the UK. He's also responsible for UX London, UK's first dedicated Usability, Information Architecture and User Experience Design event.

Andy has helped judge several international design awards such as the BIMAs and currently sits on the advisory board for .Net magazine. Andy is the driving force behind Silverbackapp, a low cost usability testing tool for the Mac. Andy also wrote the bestselling book, CSS Mastery and occasionally blogs at andybudd.com.

Never happier than when he's diving some remote tropical atoll, Andy is a qualified PADI dive instructor and retired shark wrangler.

Andy Budd's talk:

Persuasive Web Design

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Every day we make thousands of small decisions. We like to think that these decisions are conscious and rational. However, the latest advances in cognitive psychology, behavioral economics and neuroscience show that this is often not the case. In this session Andy will look at some of the most common "cognitive biases" and how concepts of trust, reciprocity, social proof and liking are used by sales people and marketers around the world to persuade people to do their bidding.

Using examples ranging from architecture to menu design, Andy will show how these time honored techniques can be employed on the web. The result is not only a site that looks good and is free of usability errors, it's a site that's designed around the way we think and optimized for the maximum return on investment to know to become a master in online persuasion.

Eva-Lotta Lamm caricature

Eva-Lotta Lamm

Eva-Lotta is a freelance UX Designer. She previously headed the business design team at Skype, worked as interaction designer for Yahoo! in London and as lead designer for Kahn + Associates in Paris.

Besides her daytime mission of making the web a more understandable, usable and delightful place, she regularly takes sketchnotes at all sorts of talks and conferences and recently turned these into a little book.

She also teaches sketching and runs UX Sketch Club, a monthly(-ish) meetup for people who are interested in experimenting with sketching and sharing their work.

Recently she has been interested in exploring the area of Visual Improvisation – looking at the parallels between sketching and improvisation to explore how some of the principles from her regular theater improvisation practice can be used to inspire visual work.

Eva-Lotta Lamm's Masterclass:

Sketching for Thinkers

Less More

Sketching is a great tool for designers to understand problems, to explore design solutions and to communicate their thinking to clients and colleagues.

This Masterclass gives an introduction to basic sketching principles and explains how you can use sketching to structure problems and to communicate ideas. We'll look at how to approach sketching objects and people by combining simple shapes and how to use simple techniques to improve the clarity of your sketches.

The Masterclass will encourage and enable you to add sketching as a tool to your daily work and build up confidence in thinking, designing and communicating with pen and paper.

The Masterclass is a mixture of explanations and live sketching demonstration for you to sketch along as well as some simple and fun exercises to practice the explained principles.

Eva-Lotta Lamm's talk:

Sketchnotes – Combining the Power of Words and Visuals

Less More

Sketchnotes are a way of capturing ideas in an engaging and visual way by combining the power of sketching and writing.

Sketchnotes are not new – artists and designers have captured their thoughts in a visual way for centuries – but recently, there has been quite a bit of interest and activity around sketchnotes and visual thinking in general in the web and UX community.

This talk gives an introduction to visual note taking by presenting the main characteristics that make it a great tool for designers (and anybody else) to capture their thoughts. It explains why this form of note taking is a wonderful opportunity for designers to practice and refine all sorts of important skills for our profession.

By showing and analyzing lots of examples from different sketchnoters and through tips from personal experience, this talk provides attendants with the main principles and building blocks of sketchnotes as well as lots of inspiration to jump straight into taking their own visual notes at FRONTEND 2011.

Russ Unger caricature

Russ Unger

Russ Unger is a User Experience Director for Happy Cog, a web design firm in New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

He is co-author of the book "A Project Guide to UX Design" for Peachpit Press (Voices That Matter) and is co-authoring a book on guerilla research methods with Todd Zaki Warfel due out in 2011.

And just for fun, he likes to sing Hootie and the Blowfish songs when the opportunity to karaoke presents itself.

Russ Unger's Masterclass:

Guerrilla Research Methods

Less More

This hands-on session will cover a number of low cost, yet powerful research methods to help you make better data-driven design decisions. We'll provide a number of techniques for recruiting research participants, creating better research questions, and what to do with your data once you've conducted your research.

Topics covered in this Masterclass:

  • How to sell guerrilla research into a project from the start
  • How to recruit better participants
  • How to form better research questions
  • A number of inexpensive, quick, but highly effective research methods when time and/or budget are limited
  • Valuable "how-tos" to execute the research

Questions answered in this Masterclass:

  • How do I get my boss or client to buy into doing research for my project?
  • What is guerrilla research and how is it different than traditional research?
  • What are some guerrilla research methods and what kind of results can I expect?
  • How do I pick the right method(s)?
  • What's the downside/shortcoming of guerrilla research methods compared to other research methods?

Russ Unger's talk:

The Right Way to Wireframe

Less More

Get a behind the scenes look at the design process used by four different UX designers, all working to solve the exact same problem with the exact same set of requirements. We'll identify the right way–for you–to wireframe.

This session will provide an in-depth behind the scenes look at the process behind the design, including: research, information architecture, interaction design, wireframing/prototyping and visual design. The presentation will conclude with a time-lapse video of the entire process from start to finish and a comparative view of the similarities in the processes that each designer uses.

Dustin Diaz caricature

Dustin Diaz

Dustin Diaz is an Engineer at The Obvious Corporation, author of JavaScript Design Patterns, and an avid photographer.

What can we say about Dustin Diaz? He lives in San Francisco, CA, where he works as an Engineer at The Obvious Corporation. Previously he worked at Twitter, Google and Yahoo. He is the author of JavaScript Design Patterns and an avid photographer, be sure to check out his photography blog.

Dustin Diaz's Masterclass:

Dive into Strobist Photography and learn to create stunning, well-lit portraits with your speed-lights

Less More

Topics covered in this Masterclass:

  • Drawing easy-to-understand diagrams eplaining flash exposure and the inverse square law
  • Shooting live portraits demonstrating real world examples (via Lightroom's tether or HDMI to HDMI compat projector)
  • Talking about the basics of one-light portraiture
  • Lending advice on inexpensive solutions to making the jump into creating your own lighting kit

Dustin Diaz's talk:

Module Driven Development

Less More

Learn to build, extend, and develop with Ender - JavaScript's best open module framework.

In this session Dustin Diaz will cover:

  • understanding the shift from large monolithic frameworks to small modular components
  • learn how to implement a commonJS module for optimal portability
  • write fast, direct, and to-the-point code avoiding software cruft and bloat

Lea Verou caricature

Lea Verou

Lea has a long-standing passion for open web standards, especially CSS and JavaScript. She loves researching new ways to use them and shares her findings through her blog, leaverou.me.

She speaks at a number of the largest web development conferences and writes for leading industry publications. Lea also co-organized and occasionally lectures the web development course at the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Lea Verou's talk:

CSS3 Secrets: 10 things you might not know about CSS3

Less More

By now most of you know how to use the popular new CSS3 features in your stylesheets, like embedding custom fonts or creating rounded corners, drop shadows, and scalable designs with media queries. However, below the surface, there are many other things that CSS3 brings and most web developers have never heard of.

In this talk Lea will present many CSS3 features that are useful but underrated, as well as uncommon ways of utilizing the CSS3 features you already know about, in order to do much more with even less images and code.

Vitaly Friedman caricature

Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly loves beautiful content and doesn't like to give in easily. He is the editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine in the lovely city of Freiburg, Germany.

Vitaly Friedman has a passion for all that is web in its broadest understanding. Originally from Minsk, Belarus, but at the age of 16 he moved to Germany where he studied computer science and mathematics that is when he has discovered his passion for typography, writing and design.

After working as a freelancing designer and developer for 6 years, he co-founded Smashing Magazine, one of the largest online magazines dedicated to Web design and development. Vitaly is writer, co-author and editor of both Smashing Books. He is now working as the editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine in the lovely city of Freiburg, Germany.

Vitaly Friedman's talk:

The Invisible Side of Design

Less More

As designers, we tend to get distracted by aesthetics of our designs, and often do not pay enough attention to the other, invisible side of our creations.

This talk discusses the value of functionality, storytelling and thorough editorial work in Web. It argues about the significance of purpose, context and quality in our decisions. It also provides personal insights and practical examples of invisible design being used in practice.

Joseph O'Sullivan caricature

Joseph O'Sullivan

He has been around the block so to speak. Not that he is old, just experienced. Today he co-leads the Design Thinking practice at Intuit and before that Yahoo!.

Joseph O'Sullivan is the Director of Design Innovation at Intuit. He and his team are currently exploring the ying/yang of consumer and technology driven innovation within the financial management arena.

Prior to Intuit, Joseph was a Senior Design Director at Yahoo! where he led the practice of Prototyping, Advertising User Experience, and Design Methods. Just before leaving Yahoo!, Joseph shed his management responsibilities to deep dive into the development of visionary prototypes and intellectual property within the mobile space.

As the Vice President of Use Experience at Wells Fargo Internet Services, Joseph and his team did battle in the early days of the internet and garnered multiple awards for superior user experience.

Joseph currently resides in Silicon Valley enduring poor mobile coverage, marginal culinary choices, and a loving family with impeccable comedic timing.

Joseph O'Sullivan's Masterclass:

Pencils before Pixels: Storyboard Experiences with Customers First

Less More

Changes to the user experience can be costly if you are already in the development cycle. Storyboarding your ideas early allows for scrappy experimentation on what's really important to your customer.

At Intuit, Joseph uses a variety of storyboarding methods allowing him and his team to test ideas with customers before spending time developing code – the result is a history of millions of satisfied customers.

In this hands-on session, you'll practice expressing your ideas with storyboards to elicit valuable feedback from your most valued customers. He'll share his experience iterating on ideas with lightning speed to uncover what works, what doesn't, and what will truly delights customers (hint: it's usually not your first idea). Come ready to get your hands dirty.

Note: Lack of drawing ability is a plus.

Joseph O'Sullivan's talk:

Everyone Act Differently

Less More

A few years ago, the financial management software company Intuit began seeing flattening growth and declining net promoter scores. The company founder and leadership commenced a company wide call to arms regarding innovation.

The issue — this call from the top was expressed through powerpoint and no road to action. Fast forward four years, the innovation pipeline is bursting, net promoter scores are rising, and Intuit posted one of its best years in a global economic downturn. So, what happened? A small group of employees started a bottom's up revolution leveraging many existing company execution levers and subsequently changed a culture. Design Director, Joseph O'Sullivan will discuss the experience and lessons learned.

Ivo Gabrowitsch caricature

Ivo Gabrowitsch

This busy guy is the Marketing Director of FSI FontShop International, the ones that brought us the FontFont Library and the amazing FontBook app.

Ivo Gabrowitsch is the Marketing Director of FSI FontShop International, home of the FontFont Library, progenitor of the international FontShop network, and publisher of the FontBook app. His claim to fame is his development and introduction of the unique 'Web FontFonts' concept onto the market.

Most recently he's been working on a concept for producing fonts for apps and mobile devices. Before earning his engineering degree in print and media technology at Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, he worked as a media designer on various print and non-print projects. Gabrowitsch also works as an editor for a number of online and offline typographic publications.

Ivo Gabrowitsch's talk:

App Fonts – the new Web Fonts

Less More

Though we've barely even had time to get used to Webfonts, the next big challenge is already looming on the horizon for font users and manufacturers: fonts for mobile devices. As with Webfonts, which have already become practically indispensable, there are a myriad of special considerations involved, including technical matters and, more importantly, legal issues that need to be addressed by the industry.

Are you even aware that it's basically impossible to use professional fonts in any kind of mobile apps? This presentation aims to sensitize developers to this dicey topic and to introduce possibilities for secure embedding of mobile fonts. As an extra treat, this talk will also feature an overview of the current state of affairs in the world of Webfonts.

Sara Chipps caricature

Sara Chipps

Sara Chipps is a JavaScript developer and she blogs at sarajchipps.com. In 2010 she started an organization called Girl Develop It which teaches low cost web development classes geared towards women.

Girl Develop It has had over 400 students in New York City, and now has six chapters around the world. She likes speaking to and meeting with diverse groups from the Girl Scouts to straight up code junkies. Her goal is to inspire more females to see that being a developer is fun and glamorous.

Sara Chipps's Masterclass:

JavaScript, jQuery and APIs

Less More

A lot of very popular web applications allow access to their API via JavaScript. This masterclass will go over how to create the AJAX calls to get content, how to read the documentation provided, security, what to do with your JSON objects, and how to organize your content.

Sara Chipps's talk:

Working with Object Oriented JavaScript

Less More

JavaScript is the cornerstone of a good foundation as a web applications developer. As today's apps get more complex, and more logic migrates client side, the need for Object Oriented Javascript has grown.

This session will cover when to use JavaScript objects, and how to build them using common design patterns. Also, we will be learning about polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, constructors, and helper functions using the JQuery library.

We will be using object oriented JavaScript to work with web APIs do display content in a web sandbox in order to illustrate how much it improves developer experience and readability.

Wolf Becvar caricature

Wolf Becvar

This bike loving, loud singing entrepreneur co-founded HotGloo, the online wireframe application that has reached global recognition.

One thing is sure, Wolf is multitallentet. He is a communication activist, usability advocate and entrepreneur that splits his time between Hamburg and Vienna. Two years ago he co-founded HotGloo, the online wireframe application that has reached global recognition. This recognition has lead to a growing customer base, nominations and awards.

Besides HotGloo, Wolf writes for a couple of magazines and talks about his lessons learned with running a web app business. He is also obsessed with loud music and loves to ride his bike around harbor cities.

Wolf Becvar's talk:

Some Things You Can't Wireframe

Less More

Wireframes are great for turning ideas into concepts. They help us to think about important user experience aspects upfront. We can lay out and test-drive something in almost no time. We can gather feedback and iterate and even go agile. But here is something we can't do with wireframes: wireframes can't deliver the whole experience because that's a work in progress distilling over time.

This talk is not about wireframes, although it's not guaranteed you won't have to see some. This talk is about how to identify and create touch points throughout your service. Wolf will lay out different approaches on how to incorporate your communication concept into your app or website, discuss best-practice examples and provide insights from the latest application redesign he was going through. You should walk away from this talk with a flair for transforming your visitors into customers and a better understanding of the magic behind turning a like into love.

Rich Quick caricature

Rich Quick

Rich Quick* is a web designer with over 12 years' experience who has worked for the likes of Waitrose, John Lewis & the BBC.

He wrote the book "Web Design in easy steps", was a finalist at the SxSW Web Awards, and once showed Colin Firth's wife how to use a microwave.

Rich currently works inhouse as a web designer for Arnold Clark, Europe's largest independent car retailer.

* yes, it is his real name.

Rich Quick's Masterclass:

Don't make me change: How to make your websites responsive with the least possible effort

Less More

You've been a web designer for years now. You've got your own way of working and you're happy with it, but then some "guru" comes along and tells you you've got to learn a new technique.

First you had to ditch tables for CSS, then you had to make your sites accessible, and now it's "Responsive Web Design". Can you honestly be bothered?

In this hands-on session you'll learn how you can easily adapt you current design process to responsive web design, the one line of CSS code you need to know to make that happen, and how RWD can actually take away your Internet Explorer nightmares!

Rich Quick's talk:

Topsy-Turvy Design: Adapting your design process for adaptive layouts

Less More

Adaptive design is the talk of the web design town, but how does it affect your design process and how can you use it on a day-to-day basis? Rich will cover the basics of adaptive design and talk about how you can integrate it into your existing web design process.